Discover THE OHANA WAY, the fundamental of "family" with Oasis, Harmony, Assertiveness, Nobility, and Aloha! Dive deeper with the Ohana 5x5.

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BE Ohana

Twelve months of true Mastermind-level partner work. If you're ready to really BE Ohana, it takes a bit of a commitment to the process. You'll discover what information emotions are giving you - your own and others - and exactly how to handle them... and that's just the very beginning!

BE Ohana ($9997 full pay)
BE Ohana (12-pay, $997/month x12)


We are crafting these next-level programs, and our first participants are invited to help us co-create them. To show our gratitude, first participants receive a significant discount and receive access to every permutation of your co-created program that follows! If you're ready to take the lead in co-creating this level of Ohana with us, get on our list!

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Discover The Ohana Way and Walk the Path

It started with the Guardian Quest Dojo and the Dojo Family. Ohana and Oasis, Harmony, Assertiveness, Nobility, and Aloha were used to describe the culture at the martial arts school. Applicants who wanted to contribute to the Guardian Ohana were invited to join and become part of the family.

Then it grew to a report. That then grew to a book. Then it grew to a path. "Dojo" means "the way place" or "the place you go to follow a path." A dojo is a place you go to practice being your best self. Join us to do just that!

Credentials Matter to Some of Us...

While Scot Conway says that what matters most is his whole-person/whole-life philosophy and how his considerable toolbox of insights and techniques transform lives... he does have an impressive set of credentials.

For those want to know a portion of his resume, he's the author of dozens of books, teacher of dozens of programs, a lawyer, a real estate broker, has a law degree and a doctoral degree.

Notably, he's a well-known martial arts grandmaster with half-a-century of experience. He's appeared in many magazines, some movies, and he's been teaching martial arts and seminars for decades.