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Discover Ohana launches from the book and audio program to get into how it to actually do it in our own businesses with both clients and our team - and everywhere else! We start with Oasis, Harmony, Assertiveness, Nobility, and Aloha and dive into the five-by-five behind it with Discovery Ohana.

BE Ohana

What if you really knew what to DO with anything you felt? With what someone else felt? What if you could dive deep inside and get out and leave behind whatever old crap has lodged itself inside? What if we could keep anything more from getting there in the first place? That's what we do here in BE Ohana!


360-degree leadership and more is found here. Dive right in to the 4P360 Leadership System and the YORI Trust Matrix. Discover and Be... then come here to BUILD Ohana!

The Clients Rallied When the Owner was Gone...

It was on the local news: A car crashed into a storefront.

It destroyed the windows and doors, wiped out two lounges and the store, and left the place a wide-open mess.

The owner was out of town when it happened. A client was on-site and called him to tell him what was going on.

Clients stayed the night to keep watch. Clients came in the morning to relieve the overnight guard. Clients showed up to clean. A day later, it's cleaned up, boarded up... and the owner was still on vacation!

The whole story is a remarkable example of what happens when the CLIENTS are Ohana.

Would you like YOUR team to be such a powerful community that this is what they do for you?


Be Ohana, Build Ohana, Bring Ohana to the World

There's a path to follow, a powerful, transformational path. It starts with DISCOVER Ohana...